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How To Test A Cat For Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections can progress rapidly, putting your cat’s health—and in the case of a urinary blockage, his very life—at risk. Here’s What Will Happen When You Visit The Vet If a urinary tract infection is suspected in. Cystocentesis in Cats Since pets suffering from urinary tract infection have problems urinating, it’s often difficult to obtain a urine sample. Cystocentesis is a procedure performed by the vet to extract urine directly from the cat’s bladder. To perform this procedure the vet will clean and disinfect a section of the skin over the urinary bladder.

Method 1Using Veterinary Treatment Download Article. 1. Get a test culture done to identify and use effective antibiotics. The gold standard when treating a UTI with antibiotics is to perform a test culture.

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